Yujiang Pu

Ph.D. Student
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Michigan State University

3345 Engineering Building, 428 S. Shaw Lane, East Lansing, MI 48824


About Me

I’m a Ph.D. student (2023-) in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at Michigan State University (MSU), advised by Prof. Yu Kong in the ACTION Lab. Previously, I received my Master’s degree (2020-2023) and Bachelor’s degree (2016-2020) from the School of Information and Communication Engineering, Communication University of China (CUC), under the guidance of Prof. Xiaoyu Wu at the State Key Laboratory of Media Convergence and Communication (MCC).

I am engaged in research in Computer Vision (CV) and Machine Learning (ML), particularly in the area of video understanding. I am interested in developing robust algorithms with fewer supervised signals and human structured knowledge. My early work involved violence recognition, temporal action localization, and video anomaly detection. More recently, I have been focusing on the topic of compositional generalization of vision-language models, e.g., Compositional Temporal Grounding. I am open to any positive communication and collaboration. Please feel free to contact me if you have any interest !


Selected Publications

  1. arXiv
    Yujiang Pu, Xiaoyu Wu*, Shengjin Wang
    Preprint (arXiv), Jun. 2023.
  2. Neurocomputing
    Yujiang Pu, Xiaoyu Wu*, Shengjin Wang, Yuming Huang, Zihao Liu, Chaonan Gu
    Neurocomputing (NC), Dec. 2022.
  3. ICME
    Yujiang Pu, Xiaoyu Wu*
    IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo(ICME), Jul. 2022.
    Yujiang Pu, Xiaoyu Wu*
    International Conference on Consumer Electronics and Computer Engineering(ICCECE), Jan. 2022.

Honors & Awards

Academic Services

Conference Reviewer

Journal Reviewer

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